Mobius is the main planet in the Sonic series. This is now taken as non-canon and those games were retconned into taking place on Earth. Sonic refers to Earth as "the planet as cool and blue as me".

Humans and Mobians are the dominant species of Earth living with animals and plants just like our modern day Earth, however a number of deities are also present on the planet, such as Chaos, Solaris and Dark Gaia (along with its counterpart Light Gaia, nicknamed Chip). The term Mobian is sometimes used by fans of the series to describe Sonic the Hedgehog and the other anthropomorphic animals, as they hail from the planet Mobius in several continuities such as comics and cartoons (According to Sonic X, they are aliens from an unknown planet that is often called "Mobius" by fans). Humans and Mobians co-exist peacefully with each other and are affiliated with each other. Examples of this include Rouge the Bat and Shadow the Hedgehog both being part of the human military force G.U.N.

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